Yaya Chang is a French-American-Chinese artist, raised in New York and Hong Kong and based today in Paris (in Belleville).  Her artwork draws inspiration from her multiple and at times conflicting cultures, homes, and personalities. Her art reflects her view of the world: that it is important to keep an open mind, always, and to explore different realms, people, places and media is the foundations for happiness. Her art deals in layers, often repainting canvases or adding to previous drawings in her past lives. Her philosophy of creation is that there is a lesson in everything and mistakes are relative.

She works in pastel, oil,  acrylic, watercolor and ink. A recent focus has been routine: art, for her, is the spontaneous burst away from the daily grind of life.  She is resolute in that it is nourishing to work in multiple spheres, existing in multiple professional and personal selves. Each of these selves enhances the other. She is self-taught, firm in the conviction that you don't need a degree to create art.





For catalogues, commissions, or representation, please reach out to info@yayachangart.com